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why in marbella?

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Generally speaking, investment funds or investors can be differentiated into three main groups which gain relevance in different stages of each economic cycle.

  • Opportunists (popularly called vulture funds). These are the first to appear, acting at the most acute moment of a crisis, just when it reaches rock bottom. They make mass purchases and contribute to clearing stock. Objective: High return in the short term (from 1 to 2 years).
  • Conservative: These are the last to appear, only at times of complete stability and at 0 risk. Their objective is low return over a long period (more than 8 years). And between the two are those who are our main client target.
  • Value-Added: These investors or funds appear just at the time when the first signs of recovery can be seen. Adopting a silent, discreet and fundamental role, essential in consolidating the economic recovery.  The goal of these investors is a moderate, medium-term return.  This return is obtained by making significant investments, normally with little or no financial leverage (in the case of our main clients: in residential, retail, services, hotels, tertiary, strategic projects, etc), adding value not only to the asset in which the investment is made, but also to the geographical areas or cities where they are made. Value that is added through capex of renovation work, construction, development, implementation of models for management, revitalisation, innovation, modernisation, conversion of assets and environments.  The positive and beneficial effect of these investors does not stop with their assets and investments, but penetrates through to the social and business fabric of  the places or cities where their investments are centred. Creating jobs, wealth, strengthening and consolidating the recovery and stabilisation of the economy. Objective: moderate medium-term return (from 5 to 8 years).
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Our philosophy

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In the constant search for investment excellence, Rhône Property establishes the philosophy for its asset management based on the following principles:


Creating, using our multidisciplinary team, detailed studies of the space on which to work, value added to the assets and pipeline of investment opportunities, planning how to obtain the best financial return, ensuring the protection and convenience of our investors.


Optimising the creation of portfolios which make it possible to add value from the moment of purchase, generating recurring revenue during management and achieving significant returns when they are returned to the market in the divestment period.


Professionalising the portfolio management, prioritising risk control and significant returns, with total dedication, integrity and ethics.


Providing our investors with their entry into Marbella, thanks to being locally established, our in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive network of contacts, which enables us to take advantage of the best investment opportunities and successfully penetrate the different segments.

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The Team

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At Rhône Property our sole objective is to guarantee our investors the best yield from their investments and provide significant returns adapted to each type of asset.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts is at your entire disposal, providing you with a highly professional, customised service.  We have extensive experience in the sector and in our geographical area.  Our goal is to obtain the maximum return on the whole of your property portfolio.

Miguel Cerván


“There are three basic principles for a safe investment:

location, location and location.

And one basic principle for obtaining the maximum return:  the best management.

“Rhône Property – Marbella is the pairing that will provide you with the

maximum return on a safe investment.”


Alexandre Bonvin

Asset Manager

Antonio Blanco

Portfolio Manager

Guadalupe Noblejas

Building Surveyor

Luis Requena


Manuel Rosales

Project Manager

Juan Restrepo

Facility Manager

Sandra Ortega


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why in marbella?

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Rhône Property opened in Marbella in 2014. Marbella is in the sights of the largest investors on an international scale, as it is one of the most attractive cities and is considered a safe bet to make a good return on possible investment. Elegant and sunny on the Costa of the Sol, vestiges of the Moorish occupation can be found alongside the facilities of modern tourist complexes. It has a modern infrastructure, more than 25kms of beaches and a wide range of top quality hotels, shops, restaurants and services.


The city’s Old Town is well known for its labyrinth of narrow streets and its traditional Andalusian style…in contrast with luxury residential complexes like Sierra Blanca, Santa Margarita, Guadalmina and Nueva Andalucia where there is a wide range of property.

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